We at IDCC, follow all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control. These are used for each and every patient to prevent the transmission of the virus and other infectious diseases. All our staff involved in patient care use appropriate personal protective equipments such as gloves and masks. After each patient's visit, the gloves are discarded, hands are washed and a new pair of gloves is used for the next patient.

We Follow Four Tier Sterilization Protocol For Non Disposable Instruments.

Tier 1 - All the instruments are scrubbed thoroughly With Spirit Swabs to remove any attached debris.

Tier 2 - The instruments are then immersed in 5% Korsolex Sterlizing Solution for 45 Min for Standard Disinfection

Korsolex Sterilising Solution:

Korsolex Offers concentrated cold steriliser for heat-sensitive and heat-resistant instruments.

Tier 3 - The cold sterile instruments are then packed in individualized sterile packs that contain instruments, gauze, cotton balls and suction devices. Our patients are reassured when a new pack of supplies is opened in front of them prior to the treatment.

The standardized sterilization method used in our dental office is: autoclaving (steam under pressure), these measures are carried out rigorously and consistently and demonstrate our commitment to your safety.

Tier 4 - Dental instruments in sterilized packages are stored in U.V CHAMBER to maintain the sterilization, which are opened in front of the patient.

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  • I got implants done for my patient (from Baghdad) by Dr Harish yadav..he had heart disease with very low ejection fraction.. no one accepted to do his case in India. then I approached Dr Harish and he put implants in his OT under sedation and with full heart monitoring my patient is perfectly fine and eating well..highly

    Mr. Mohammed Zeyad

  • I was suffering for last 6 months with pain in a tooth. the dentist I was going to earlier would fill it and pain would start..then I was suggested to visit Dr Suman yadav she relieved me that very day and completed my RCT in one sitting only. I never had any pain after that..I am greatful to her.. Thank you Dr Suman

    Mr. santosh yadav