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  • Dr. Yadav was kind enough to see me the day of my exam (Saturday), and fixed my chipped front tooth. I wasn't even a regular patient of hers and she went out of her way to help me in my panic mode. You can bet I am now her regular patient. Thanks Dr. Yadav!!! I've never written a google review in my life, but this place clearly deserves 5 stars, so I had to! Absolutely wonderful people. I had to have an emergency root canal this year, and Dr. Yadav was so helpful. Everyone in the office really helped me stay calm and went above and beyond in making sure I felt better. I can't say enough good things about this place. If you're looking for a mind boglling dentist! Do visit here!

    Mr. Rohit Bodwal
  • I got implants done for my patient (from Baghdad) by Dr Harish yadav..he had heart disease with very low ejection fraction.. no one accepted to do his case in India. then I approached Dr. Harish and he put implants in his OT under sedation and with full heart monitoring my patient is perfectly fine and eating well..highly

    Mr. Mohammed Zeyad
  • I was suffering for last 6 months with pain in a tooth. the dentist I was going to earlier would fill it and pain would start..then I was suggested to visit Dr Suman yadav she relieved me that very day and completed my RCT in one sitting only. I never had any pain after that..I am greatful to her.. Thank you Dr Suman

    Mr. Santosh yadav
  • International dental and cosmetic centre in Gurgaon has been wonderful they helped me to save my natural teeth. and they gave immediate implants for missing teeth. the treatment was painless and recovery very quick due to latest technology used by idcc. the teeth are fixed within 3 days. I highly recommend IDCC and sply Dr. Harish yadav

    Mrs. Nidhi
  • I was so conscious of my smile and was lacking in confidence.. then I met Dr Harish. he gave me such a beautiful smile and I am much more confident now and keep smiling. the ambience of IDCC is also very soothing its a five star clinic..

    Mr. Pradeep
  • I have been going to Dr Harish for last 25 years. my whole family gets the treatment from there. I am a very senior executive and I can guarantee he's a perfectionist. we never had any trouble in teeth treated by him.

    Mr. Atul
  • Very nice and super doctor. takes personal care of patient and suggest the best of the treatment. my personal favourite doc. would recommend him for any dental problems . very professional and experienced doctors.

    Mrs. Monika Dagar
  • I got Crowns done at international dental and cosmetic centre by Dr Harish Yadav..they are flawless no discomfort ever. done with perfection

  • I was suffering from pain for a few days. I got Implants done at IDCC from Dr Harish. highly satisfied perfect bite

    HC Goel
  • My mom was suffering for last many years she couldn't chew bcoz of Ill fitting dentures and implants were refused to her. but at IDCC Dr Harish gave her implants and fixed teeth in just 3 days and she can chew with ease now. I recommend that whosoever need fixed teeth in 3 days without any pain or discomfort should meet Dr Harish Yadav

    Mrs. Diya
  • Dr Harish yadav I am so thankful for the beautiful smile you have given me..I could not even imagine that such a smile make over is possible.. it has changed my are a genious and a real perfectionist.. I would highly recommend that whosoever wants to flaunt his/her smile should meet Dr Yadav..

    Mrs. Sunita
  • DR.Harish yadav sir is implantologist with more than 30 years of experience . He treat patient with best possible way.. he always analyse the condition n treat with best solutions and the best thing is treatment is always pain free ... I will recommend his clinic (international dental and cosmetics center, sector -14)

    Mr. Mahavir Singh

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