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Here at International dental and cosmetic centre (IDCC) sector - 39, Gurugram, we offer every treatment modality with respect to the dental health. In order to deliver such variety of treatment procedures, there are specialists of every branch of dentistry available at our centre. This centre has been opened as a “Sister Branch” of our main dental clinic in sector 14, Gurugram with the name of H.S Dental Institute Pvt. Ltd. We have Dr. Harish Yadav (Ex Principal Professor and Head of the department, Prosthodontics, SGT Dental College Gurgaon) and Dr. Suman Yadav (Ex Professor and Head of the department, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics). They have good clinical experience of 30-35 years in the field of dentistry. The opening of a new centre which is a centre specially planned and designed for international patients which has been possible because of such great minds and good clinical hands of Dr. Harish Yadav and Dr. Suman Yadav.

We have a team of 9 doctors serving various specialities of dentistry. All the branches of dentistry are inter related. Inter relationship of one branch with other disciplines of dentistry range from the most basic diagnostic challenges to complex treatment modalities. We have specialities serving the following branches:

We all doctors work as a team to treat patients.We have been very successful in achieving our goal of serving the dental patients due to the guidance of our senior doctors and good working environment for the doctors with god’s grace. We welcome you to our clinic. We will be extremely pleased to serve you. May you have a pleasant experience here!!!!!!!!

Leading Expertise

Our staff undergo regular training to ensure that they provide our clients the best services, values and overall peace of mind at each of our centres. Our dental team is highly qualified and is continusally trained to refine their skills and expanding their knowledge to incorporate the latest techniques and technologies in their treatment procedures.

Excellent Clinic Ambience

Our both centres are dedicated to creating a positive experience by providing the efficient and most comprehensive preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care in a personalised and comfortable environment. Based on the principle that dental patients should visit the dentist on a proactive basis rather than as a reactive measure, we have developed our centres with aesthetics and relaxation in mind. Each of our clinics has air conditioned waiting and treatment areas. Our Front Desk Managers are well trained to take care of all the needs of a patient.

All your dental records will be safe in our IT system for future reference so you do not have to remember to carry your old treatment notes with you.

We focus on regular follow-ups and lay special emphasis on building close relationships with our patients. We give great importance to prevention so that we can help our customers to maintain optimal dental health throughout their lifetime.

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  • I got implants done for my patient (from Baghdad) by Dr Harish yadav..he had heart disease with very low ejection fraction.. no one accepted to do his case in India. then I approached Dr Harish and he put implants in his OT under sedation and with full heart monitoring my patient is perfectly fine and eating well..highly

    Mr. Mohammed Zeyad

  • I was suffering for last 6 months with pain in a tooth. the dentist I was going to earlier would fill it and pain would start..then I was suggested to visit Dr Suman yadav she relieved me that very day and completed my RCT in one sitting only. I never had any pain after that..I am greatful to her.. Thank you Dr Suman

    Mr. santosh yadav